Heather Matthews

Art by Heather Matthews

Hi, I'm Heather, and I own Parsley Art Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado.

My aim is to express relationship and meaning, hope and whimsy in my art. I strive to create things that add some beauty to the world or ask you to see something in a new way. My strengths lie in design and precision, and I am over-the-top detail-oriented. Alongside my desire to make something vibrant, wholesome, and interesting, I explore ideas I think a lot about outside the studio: race, class, and especially gender issues. I'm currently working out a way I can use my skills to contribute to the conversation on these matters in a way that doesn't shut people down but instead encourages dialogue.

Things got serious for me as an artist in 2008 when I attended a mixed-media art workshop here in Colorado, led by a traveling artist. Since then, I've been developing as a professional artist by working on my BFA in studio art at Colorado State University. Outside of homework assignments, I continue to work as a maker, business owner, and community member. I am most excited when people come together in art, to create, relate, and inspire each other.